walkthrough of a high level of hatred

If u have ever experienced this very high level of hated or despise (if u have; keep reading) then u.l know wat i wil b talking about. If u dont.. dont ever be. (if u dont; STOP reading..stop right there) nt gd 4 heart. *no rationalizing wil be include in this entry..

Initial stage (The signs)
1. If u have a specific person in mind that u hate terribly, u wil pray everyday dat they.l eventually die. U might want to start the days reading the news of their death n u.l feel contented. Of course God will not listen to that prayer coz its. bad.

2. Have murder schemes in your head. Surprisingly U started googling out the various ways 2 murder a person. Tgk csi pn ley dpt idea. If not murder schemes pun it.l be other bad thoughts lah.

3. Give them a smirk plus a glare whenever u walk past them.

4. Whenever anyone just mention the person name or anytg similar to that name u will feel extremely annoyed and roll your eyes.

The end of the initial stage is to delete everytg that reminds u of those people out of ur life. Any pics, etc.

Launch Stage (Execution)

This is where all the mind schemes be executed in real. if realy xthn a. Its like ppl should know their real nature which is bad.bad.bad.

Ooh..this is quite an evil thing i have talked of here n i cant say anymore. so.i.l stop here.Why cant there b more guardians than devil.

Everyone knew that the devil reside in hatred. So just don ruin other people innerside. U wouldnt want them experiencing the stages. Shoo evil. shooh

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