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Sebuah Kehidupan
This link will lead u to a really good islamic blog for those who have questions of Islam and to strengthen the faith of us muslims. It displays a thorough discussion of many2 topics that sometimes even us wouldnt know and show us the reason of the many why.s in this world. For eg.y pork r not allowed to be consume, etc?

I just think dat it cost us nothing just to learn more of the faith element. For those who r interested do take a visit to designated link (dlm beragama,tiada paksaan).

Credit to the author. The author said "Janganlah kamu membenarkan atau menyalahkan apa yang kamu tidak tahu!". Wat he.s trying to say is that, only if u have d knowledge, then only u will know the truth..Just something to ponder on.

Gd nite everyone n God bless.Adios

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