Honorable Jobs Indeed

Ever wondered how the lowly rank jobs can be more honorable than the professional career. The answer is plain simple. Because those jobs contribute more to the society without us knowing..they displays personal sacrifice, and putting the well-being of others before their own.

For examples (the list differs from the normal list of respective jobs like teacher, etc) :

Cleaning Lady a.k.a Makcik Cleaner : Places will be utterly filthy without them around. though no1 wants to be stuck with the janitor position, their existence seems like a bless to our life. Even at my uni, since the mokcik have their day off on Friday, just one day of disappearance, trash starts to pile up, and d toilet conditions r pathetic. So, easier said, we r to be thankful for them for having to clean up the ppls. mess. Honorable indeed. (I tink myb they should have their own award in their job line)

this is one hot mokcik! haha.

Trash Collector : Wat happens when the trash collector doesnt come on time? U guys r clever enough to kno wat will happen. Wat can i say..honorable indeed. They withstand the foul stench, they clean up our garbage can, they r doing a job that is not against d law. Unlike those drug dealers.

a normal sight on the weekends

Sewer Cleaner : Hah. clogging problems? Its up to these fellas to solve this out. If no one run this job imagine d clogging sewer system puking all the shitty water on the road. In d end, us ppl r the one dat will b grumbling and say eww.. disgusting. So be thankful to them.

modern method.yg old one maen selam je.
And the list goes on for u to fill it yourself.

I just hope that the work unions ensure that these honorable ppl rights to be protected in accordance to their hard work. Adios.

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