(Yes, I just posted this draft that I wrote in 2 years back now in 2015. haha. It'll be a waste to throw it away)

Hello 2013,

I misses my blog..so Im back. :) a lot has happened in 2012. Yet I only blogged twice in last year.

First thing first, I did my internship from March till May and graduated from my studies at UMK on September 2012, weehoo.. yahooo... all woohooo! 4 years of studying and its finally over.

Nevertheless, during the graduation ceremony I was given the honor of the university's valedictorian, to represent other students and give a speech in front of the parents, my friends, lecturers, Rosyam Nor (yes, he was there, haha) and even the Sultan of Kelantan who is our uni's Chancellor. Went up the stage for 4 times for 3 awards; of Sultanate award, Academic and Alumni Award and all my thanks goes to my parents, family and friends whom make that happened. Without their support and love I wont be able to make it up there.

From left: My bf,other half Mr Daniel Teng, Me Myself, My lovely Sis, My Respected Aunt and Beloved Dear Mom.
The pic blur took it wit phone. n my phone is only biasa2 one only. hehe
It was truly a moment where I felt I was being truly appreciated of and being viewed as a role model for the students. A moment of glory in which I believe all of us would be able to achieve. :) Yes! we all can. The awardees for the graduation ceremony also included other 5 Sarawakian students which made us appeared in the Utusan Malaysia as below. I just wanted to share my happy moments with u guys.

The title for this article is "5 anak Sarawak rangkul Anugerah Kecemerlangan UMK"

However, as time passed by, as I've tasted that sweet taste of success, I realized that the celebration doesn't last long. In fact it ends with the days I stopped being a student. The career life comes kicking in, and when I went to look for a job, employers they doesn't even look at all your achievements. Haha. Harsh but true.

My career started fast right before graduation and ended fast as well, Haha. I've worked for a few months at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa as the Exec Secretary cum Marketing Officer. The reason I quit is because I can't stand secretarial work anymore. As days passed by I dread of the idea of going to work. Sure the pay was good, even provide place to stay and lunch, etc but still. I found no joy in doing the work.

My bf lives 2 hours away n it was bit difficult for him to come by. The only thing I love it there is my friends. Ohh how I missed them. The thing with hotel industry as well is that all those sexual remarks of the male workers said thus convincing me to just quit it there.

But once I'm returned to being unemployed, I found it hard to bounce back into finding the right career that I want. Most of the job searching site they offers outdoor sales, admin and most of them need experienced people.

So.. next step is I want to teach, I want to share my knowledge with others.  Wish me luck everyone. Brb :)


How many times...

How many times...

You have betrayed my trust,

You have broken my heart,

You have treated me bad,

You does not appreciates me,

You are supposed to make me feel special apart from all the girls!

You are supposed to take care of me, guide me, love me.

In the end I can only say to myself, just be strong..


Sedar x sedar dh lme btol blog ni dibiarkan menyepi..

 Xde pun nk post mse new year ke (mase tu byk gle post new year..haha)

Skrg nk taun bru cina, sy nk wish smt taun bru kpd sspe sje yg mnymbut kt luar sne (taun bru gak la kn..hehe)

so far... dlm mse sbln..tmtlh 7 semester mengaji kt uni, dh siap mngharungi semua exam2 final, dh pass test jpj yg ley wt org kecut prut tu.. & mcm2 krisis problema yg berlaku...biar a sume tu jd pngajaran..

skrg lik kuching jp..huhu....xsbr nk lik sne.bpe ari lg.. n nnti akn bermula la tempoh praktikal tu plak before graduate..rmai org ckp mse praktikal ni mmg mencabar.. pe2 pn wish me luck..

TC suma.

.........................sunyi tol...................sob2


Deepavali Night

Last nighto, The Tamil Division of UMK held a HAPPENING Deepavali Night event. 

yumy2 curry!dalca! laduuu
They decor the hall just nice. They are dedicated oo
Actually, there was a fire eating video of the magicians from kl but it can't be uploaded. huuu..
Anyway...it was a nice experience after all.


Triple Times Lucky

Yesterday night was our Faculty's graduation night. All the girls were beautiful n the guys were dashing during the event.

Me & Gf, Ms Faley sat at Table 13 and boy...we were indeed lucky.because...

Both of us win the individual lucky draw, AND even the table oso win the lucky draw, my friends voted me as d fac most excellent student. BIG thanks to them =)..

I didn't expect winning n by the times they announce the nominees for those awards i was busy eating the splendid sweet sour fish..haha.

here is one video when d event finished. wish we had took more video

ps.I just wish that someone who is very special to me was here..


A litle gift from Hong Kong Disneyland

It's just a keychain of Daisy but this small little act of care from my friend who just got back from Hong Kong is able to make me happy.
It takes a simple act to show you care and made someone happy