Rezeki ble2 masa Tuhan bley ambik.

Ble2 mse Tuhan ley bgi balik. Bg korang pe perasaan korng ble tbe2 duit dlm akaun hilang n time tu dh xde duit langsung. Alih2 dia bley ade lik. Teknologi canggih mne pn ley wat hal.

Pastu skrin laptop plak wt hal..xnmpk apa dah. Jd xtau nk buat ape dah. Ni pn hasil ehsan lptop kwn yg dia bg pnjam jp sbb dia nk g mndi.hehe. Bosan bosan. kalau korng bosan diri ni lg la.

De mase plak Tuhan wat hdup kte ni bz je ngn exam sume. Alih2 ble dh abes xam sume. Mulalah rse cm xde arah tuju kn. Nk kmane. Pergi mne. Lbey2 lg klau korg perantau pstu korang akn fhm. Ingt nk spend msa ngn kekasih.

De mse lak sihat. dan dalam sekelip mata ley rsa sakit.slsma..

Pe2 pn.nk ckp kerdilnya kita manusia ni....


10 things u should do with your siblings.

These might differ according to own person's exp, etc but 4 me doing these things meant a lot and it just reminds me of my time back at home;

1st. Play mattress sliding at the stairs (suggested for houses wit stairs. If ur house doesnt have stairs bring the mattress to ur relative's house. hehe)
What u will need: A not so heavy mattres and usually we just put a blanket at the end of the stairs;we thought it.l minimiza the landing effect.
The fun in it: The scolding afterwards is worth the experience. The more person joins in a mattres the more thrilling it.l feels.

2nd. Throw balls across the living room and who loses lose a few ringgit. Make sure there is plenty of fragile stuff in the living room and the parents are upstairs.
What u will need: Any ball bigger than a tennis ball, strong hand, good accuracy.
The fun in it: U can hit them everywhere. head, legs, beat it. without trying to break anything.

3rd. Take group photos like the celebrities. Go to the house compound, nwhere just in the house and act professional. Maybe wear suits too. We tried posing like backstreet boys and it was hilarious since my little bro was just 3 years old..very tiny..
What u.l need: Any camera lol. and a dressing sense.

4th. Play tag around the house. For more thrilling experience. try running around your mother when she.s cooking.. even adults should play tag sometimes.coz its fun. The minimized space makes it a lot more fun than playing tag outside.

5th. Wrestle or sparing in the excuse of getting some excercise. Probably did this in influence of wrestling that they watch every week and battle games such as kof, etc.

6th. Go through their stuffs sometimes. Who would know wat u find out..n use it against them or to blackmail them. teehee... dis act should be done alone btw. not advisable to be done together.

7th. Cook each other treats. Sometimes, exchange meals. In order for my brother to get me cook him maggi, he.l do float for me afterwards. Dats a fine deal ya. How often does a real big brother do things for his sister..

8th. Watch scary movie with them. Off the lights, put the speakers on the full blast and dont invite the parents. More fun that way.

9th. Sleep in their bed. not with them of course, wen they r not around. Wen they get back n found ur sleeping in their bed, at first they want to b mad but they dont. Ok. it is not dat fun, its just that i found that their beds are comfier n i don actualy have a bed back at home.huhu. only my sliding mattres.

10th. This act is normal with other normal siblings. Just tease each other a lot. It.l make ur day back at home.

That.s it. if u.ve got more interesting stuff that u do with ur siblings feel free to share. i want to try them too..
have a gd gday.. =)


walkthrough of a high level of hatred

If u have ever experienced this very high level of hated or despise (if u have; keep reading) then u.l know wat i wil b talking about. If u dont.. dont ever be. (if u dont; STOP reading..stop right there) nt gd 4 heart. *no rationalizing wil be include in this entry..

Initial stage (The signs)
1. If u have a specific person in mind that u hate terribly, u wil pray everyday dat they.l eventually die. U might want to start the days reading the news of their death n u.l feel contented. Of course God will not listen to that prayer coz its. bad.

2. Have murder schemes in your head. Surprisingly U started googling out the various ways 2 murder a person. Tgk csi pn ley dpt idea. If not murder schemes pun it.l be other bad thoughts lah.

3. Give them a smirk plus a glare whenever u walk past them.

4. Whenever anyone just mention the person name or anytg similar to that name u will feel extremely annoyed and roll your eyes.

The end of the initial stage is to delete everytg that reminds u of those people out of ur life. Any pics, etc.

Launch Stage (Execution)

This is where all the mind schemes be executed in real. if realy xthn a. Its like ppl should know their real nature which is bad.bad.bad.

Ooh..this is quite an evil thing i have talked of here n i cant say anymore. so.i.l stop here.Why cant there b more guardians than devil.

Everyone knew that the devil reside in hatred. So just don ruin other people innerside. U wouldnt want them experiencing the stages. Shoo evil. shooh


Bob Marley Three little birds HD (Original)

My Song of the month.
Perfect for the exam month. All d best 4 everyone coz every little thing will be alright. (trying to believe that).hehe.



release tension japs..

koleksi ic..
patrick islam la wei.haha
spongebob bin tp agama xpat dikesan.

squidward kena buang negara

ni yang paling best ni..
yang penting dorang suma warganegara malaysia kayh.haha.beware. adios

apa itu lobotomy

Dh tgk sucker punch?? Movie yg mnunjukkn side kefetishan Zack Snyder sbb heroin2 die dress up mcm dlm anime dgn sailor costume, hot babes ngn cleavage suma, etc. hehe. statement yg disokong oleh crtics yg laen sbb mmg btul pun. If tgk movie ni korng akn rsa mcm ngah maen game pn ada. tp grafik dia mmg lawa la. Gdjob gak.

poster utk ad dia.
Dlm movie tu, die punye main character, Babyface dikenakn lobotomy angkara bapa tiri dia yg mmg sah jht. Slaen tu, movie ni gak bermain dgn fantasy or dream layer bila penonton tgk sbb instead trus menunjukkan babak Baby nk melarikan diri ngn rakan2 mental institute 4 org yg laen, SweetPea, Rocket, Blondie ngn Amber but in the end, pe yg jdi lak dia ckp ni bukn crita si Baby, tp crita si Sweetpea sbb dia sacrificekan diri spy member dia tu dapat larikan diri.

Barisan heroin kostum ala jepang yg mmg utk boyfan

However bukn nk crita psl review movie ni sbb klau nk tau further tgkla. Hee.. Cuma psl lobotomi yg menaikkn perasaan ingin tahu tu psl apa sbnrnya method tu. Jd. apa yg didapati ialah, ia sjenis medical procedure yang digunakan ke ats org yg keadaan mental dia xterkawal sbgai last resort untuk mematikan otak dgn memotong bhgian depan otak, prefrontal cortex. Dlm movie ni dpt tgk gak yg lobotomi memadamkan segala mcm memori dan akan mengembalikan si patient kpd childlike yg xtau pa2 dah. kira mcm idiot dah.

N dlu method ni gak popular sbb cost nk jga mental patient tinggi n cari yg paling mudah dorg resort ke method ni n dlu byk sgt org yg sakit mental smpai doc tu kna perform 40 lobotomi stiap hari. Kt US figure utk org yg dilobotimized sramai 40 000 org. Ramai gla.

Tp rmai yg kritik lik ckp method ni against humanity. So now most severe cases pn akan ditreat guna antipsychotic drugs,etc.. adios

before and after


Honorable Jobs Indeed

Ever wondered how the lowly rank jobs can be more honorable than the professional career. The answer is plain simple. Because those jobs contribute more to the society without us knowing..they displays personal sacrifice, and putting the well-being of others before their own.

For examples (the list differs from the normal list of respective jobs like teacher, etc) :

Cleaning Lady a.k.a Makcik Cleaner : Places will be utterly filthy without them around. though no1 wants to be stuck with the janitor position, their existence seems like a bless to our life. Even at my uni, since the mokcik have their day off on Friday, just one day of disappearance, trash starts to pile up, and d toilet conditions r pathetic. So, easier said, we r to be thankful for them for having to clean up the ppls. mess. Honorable indeed. (I tink myb they should have their own award in their job line)

this is one hot mokcik! haha.

Trash Collector : Wat happens when the trash collector doesnt come on time? U guys r clever enough to kno wat will happen. Wat can i say..honorable indeed. They withstand the foul stench, they clean up our garbage can, they r doing a job that is not against d law. Unlike those drug dealers.

a normal sight on the weekends

Sewer Cleaner : Hah. clogging problems? Its up to these fellas to solve this out. If no one run this job imagine d clogging sewer system puking all the shitty water on the road. In d end, us ppl r the one dat will b grumbling and say eww.. disgusting. So be thankful to them.

modern method.yg old one maen selam je.
And the list goes on for u to fill it yourself.

I just hope that the work unions ensure that these honorable ppl rights to be protected in accordance to their hard work. Adios.

just something to share.

Sebuah Kehidupan
This link will lead u to a really good islamic blog for those who have questions of Islam and to strengthen the faith of us muslims. It displays a thorough discussion of many2 topics that sometimes even us wouldnt know and show us the reason of the many why.s in this world. For eg.y pork r not allowed to be consume, etc?

I just think dat it cost us nothing just to learn more of the faith element. For those who r interested do take a visit to designated link (dlm beragama,tiada paksaan).

Credit to the author. The author said "Janganlah kamu membenarkan atau menyalahkan apa yang kamu tidak tahu!". Wat he.s trying to say is that, only if u have d knowledge, then only u will know the truth..Just something to ponder on.

Gd nite everyone n God bless.Adios




kita cuma ada satu nama. yg mak bapak beri time lahir mula2 dulu. nama org plak ada yg mcm2. ada yang pjg gila. ada yg pendek. ada yg cantik gla, puteri smtg, ada yg klasik, abu.. mat. tp yg penting para mak bpk ckp la maksud dia bgus. ada gak kes yg nama dorg silap kene tulis time buat surat beranak tu. kesian gak.

sejak kecik nama kazimah tlh melalui byk evolusi. mula2 dipanggil mamah. time kecik2 bla msih terkedek2 brjln dgr org2 pnggil mamah here.mamah there. skrg hanya 2.3 org yg msh pnggil dgn nama legasi tu.

bila dh besar ckit lak. family start pnggil ngn nma kak pok. ayah yg mulakn sbb smata2 dlu ak sgt sukakan kropok. dlu la.. pelik2.. biarlah dorg nk pnggil pn kn. if family ak xksah. org len ak kesah.
abg plak pnggil lg pelik. die ske pnggil ngn nama apupu..freshfruit..ikut mud dia lah.

geng2 freshfruit

msuk mrsm. dh brgaul ckit ngn ramai org. nama pnggilan jd glemer ckit. member pnggil kaz.. de cikgu plak panggil kazzy, ikut thp keglemeran cikgu tu gak. if cikgu kurang glemer ckit. pnggil imah je la. haha.

lastly. nma kay atay k je lah dimulakan kt umk ni lah.
tp ak pasan bila org ngah mrh ngn ak.atau de isu ngn ak. daripada kaz ke k ke tu brtukar lik kpd kazimah!

jd antra suma2 nma pnggilan tu. nma yg paling ak suka ttp nama real ak.. logiknya sbb lgi rmai org kenal ngn nama tu. lam islam pun ckp.better panggil nama real. sbb tu adalah doa. biar mksud nama 2 jd betul2 bukan nama hanya tinggal sekadar nama.