10 things u should do with your siblings.

These might differ according to own person's exp, etc but 4 me doing these things meant a lot and it just reminds me of my time back at home;

1st. Play mattress sliding at the stairs (suggested for houses wit stairs. If ur house doesnt have stairs bring the mattress to ur relative's house. hehe)
What u will need: A not so heavy mattres and usually we just put a blanket at the end of the stairs;we thought it.l minimiza the landing effect.
The fun in it: The scolding afterwards is worth the experience. The more person joins in a mattres the more thrilling it.l feels.

2nd. Throw balls across the living room and who loses lose a few ringgit. Make sure there is plenty of fragile stuff in the living room and the parents are upstairs.
What u will need: Any ball bigger than a tennis ball, strong hand, good accuracy.
The fun in it: U can hit them everywhere. head, legs, beat it. without trying to break anything.

3rd. Take group photos like the celebrities. Go to the house compound, nwhere just in the house and act professional. Maybe wear suits too. We tried posing like backstreet boys and it was hilarious since my little bro was just 3 years old..very tiny..
What u.l need: Any camera lol. and a dressing sense.

4th. Play tag around the house. For more thrilling experience. try running around your mother when she.s cooking.. even adults should play tag sometimes.coz its fun. The minimized space makes it a lot more fun than playing tag outside.

5th. Wrestle or sparing in the excuse of getting some excercise. Probably did this in influence of wrestling that they watch every week and battle games such as kof, etc.

6th. Go through their stuffs sometimes. Who would know wat u find out..n use it against them or to blackmail them. teehee... dis act should be done alone btw. not advisable to be done together.

7th. Cook each other treats. Sometimes, exchange meals. In order for my brother to get me cook him maggi, he.l do float for me afterwards. Dats a fine deal ya. How often does a real big brother do things for his sister..

8th. Watch scary movie with them. Off the lights, put the speakers on the full blast and dont invite the parents. More fun that way.

9th. Sleep in their bed. not with them of course, wen they r not around. Wen they get back n found ur sleeping in their bed, at first they want to b mad but they dont. Ok. it is not dat fun, its just that i found that their beds are comfier n i don actualy have a bed back at home.huhu. only my sliding mattres.

10th. This act is normal with other normal siblings. Just tease each other a lot. It.l make ur day back at home.

That.s it. if u.ve got more interesting stuff that u do with ur siblings feel free to share. i want to try them too..
have a gd gday.. =)

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