This Song is Especially for You

This song is for the one I love. U know who u are =)

MTV Tilu 'Ku Bukan Aku'


The 13 1/2 hour journey by KTM

We are willing to travel anywhere for the sake of seeing our loved one no matter how long does it takes
& This is exactly n the usual reason that made me travel.

Maybe most of u have used the KTM service going anywhere around Smnnjg Msia but for me its my first time traveling by KTM, so at first Im quite excited n thrilled.

The view is much more "green" and refreshing to our eyes as the KTM route is more rural one. But in the end u.l get bored at the same scenery also.haha.

very early morning view.

The journey 13 1/2 hour solo trip to Kulai starts at 7 am and directly after Subuh, amidst the heavy rains my roommate drove me to Wakaf Baru, Kelantan and at last I reached Kulai Johor around 8.30 pm.

So far, during those longg hours, I just nap2 bit, munch2 bit, n mostly just stare blankly outside.hehe. I tried to read, but in that condition u just cant stop thinking of wanting to reach the destination as fast as possible.

very basic info about ktm morning train:
Morning train does not have sleep couches, no canteen and the trip will feel so muchh longer..The journey seems to have no end and I cant just wait to reach thre.

Another thing is that the morning train is not so hygienic cause ppl keep chewing and d food drop to the floor attracting all the roaches. By evening u can small soldier of roaches crawling everywhere on the seat, floor, wall..huhu.. I barely felt like wanting to sit at all at that time.

try to see the roaches at the food.

Basically the people that are used to travel by trains know this so they always try to travel at night. I have learnt my lesson also to opt for night train and to try get the sleeping couch not the sitting couch.

My experience sitting on d night train is not that nice since I barely can sleep. The guy beside me is quite big and when he sat, his size exceed the size on one seat. It made me uncomfortable since I have to Really squeeze in so that our body wont touches. huhu.

To conclude, if u,r traveling around Malaysia and prefer a cheaper option compare to the buses.. take night trains. n only morning train if the journey is not so long and if u have no other option.



I Loves Dresses

some girls like it simple with jeans.
some girls like lolita or gothic style.
some girls prefer just baby tee and shorts.
but for me..any style is just fine.
n of all choices. i love dresses d most.
this one a doll.. d red and blue stripes are just classic.

there r others but d internet is to slow for me to upload them.huhu.i.l upload them ltr.
c ya.=)



Have u feel ur stuck in the middle of your life? Too lazy to do anything? Hence leaving u to escape from the daily life by doing the not so important stuff?

For e.g watching series non-stop(i know dt most students do this, gossip girl, supernatural, smallville. korean series.....lot2 more), tends to nap a lot, surf a lot, everything a lot lah, and even blogging or bw myb? =P

There's actually a term for it and we called it ESCAPISM.

The thing is its actually normal! haha. We have our ups and downs, those moments of laziness and hardworkingness.

Most important thing is to get back on the track. find dt someone dt cheers us up, n Realize that the real World is OH-so-Much Better than the Virtual World. =)



Traditional Malaysian Icecream

Bless the girls for reliving back the moment of the glorious ais krim batang.

Introducing our own traditional malaysian icecream that has exists since many2 years ago:
this one is the asam flavor..hee

They.re selling it for 20 cents each, they tastes nice. and they have various flavors as well(bandung, pandan, u name it). Yay.!

It makes the memory keeps flowing back in back to those moments when im tiny, staying at my nenek.s and i used to help her fill the flavored water into the oblong plastics.

hehe.. if u feel d craving to eat one of the aiskrim as well. its easy to be done, n a man alone can figure it out. all u need is just a freezer. hee. =)


disturbing vandalism....

Most of the times when we are looking at the vandalism most of us will think that its not a big deal after all. True right?

It becomes a big deal when it is just disturbing to our naked eyes.

Take one situation for example, u went to the public toilet and u will most likely to found something like this inscribed on the back of the toilet door.

The uploading image does not intend to publicly disturbs any1 and it serves only for the purpose of meaningful sharing

I found one in the girls toilet at the hostel and I think it is majorly disturbing> Its disturbing that although u do not prefer to watch u'l end up reading.

The thing that has been puzzling me, who is most likely to do this? Who r to b blame? Maybe the girls themselves or myb some of the workers guys during d construction? We just would'nt know as there are no visibly conceived evidence.

I mean we all get it that sexuality is more likely necessity when one person reaches maturity, girl or guys with no exception; Its human nature (with the idea to keep the subject of sexuality to lay low or better hidden, since to discuss/display it openly is disgraceful to our community and not to forget to most religions).

But to being so overwhelmed control with the idea of sex it is just not healthy, frankly speaking.

Ergo the disatisfaction of not having the ability to control the urge, the door or the walls become the victims, in other words it is "Stupid".

Anyway how..this is just a reminder to all of us, of how the world is just filled with ppl with ill behaviors and it is best for us not to fall in those category as well.

Lets not succumb or support in anyway to those irrelevant, meaningless scribble.

Let me show u something else, the gov may called it vandalism as well but for us citizen its Grafiti. haha.  and its doesnt look disturbing at all. =) CIAO.

Taken at Malacca & they painted it just awesome!


Tempat sampah di dalam Tong Sampah.

Situasi ni mmg acapkali berlaku kt umk ni bila hari jumaat, pnghulu sgala hari ni.

Pasai pa.?

Sbb kt kelantan org cuti ari jmaat jadi makcik cleaner takdak..

Situasi apa? Refer gmbr berkenaan..

Ni kalau kita lalu tengok pun kita rasa xsyok..
Camni kan elok sikit.. wpun mmg agk penuh dh tp xdela bersepah..

Ini untuk peringatan suma org termasuk sy sndri, xkira korng kt mana pun, bila tong smph tu bertudung bukak la tudung dia tu.. buang smph kt dlm. bukn kt ats..Dah nama pun smpah jdi tmpt dia dlm tong sampah.

Bila dh bersepah kotor, bru la cita xbest psl antu jmbalang xda..Sebab dorang mmg suka giler tmpt2 kotor ni.. ni blum msuk bab toilet lg.. huhu..

Pe2 pun.kita sedara smalaysia ni sama2 mau ingat la na..

Bukan apa.mungkin kdg2 kita lupa..mungkin kdg2 kita termalas atau tertakda masa. 

PS> Sebagai prmpuan pttnya kita lbey bersih..(tp llaki pn ada yg bersih,contohnya laki ak. respek sama dia). Kita suma dh besar. dah bley jdi bini org dah. =)
Anggapla masa skrg utk train jd wife yg baek nnti..

Sama2 la jaga kebersihan tmpt tinggal kita ya..


The gym training starts Now.

Well.it can be said that this semester I have a lot of free times..few clases..no dating life..huhu..xsyok.

so i decided to kill those alone free times by going to the gym 3 times a week..
I have started for a week ady by not missing a single day to not go to the gym n lets see whether by the end of this month i can be real fit..haha..

dak2 yg g gym berkumpulan rmai2 most of them end up lepaking,, haha.. machine pn ckit..so once gym dh full kena queue la plak..pe kes.. part ni  yg wat smgt menurun ckit.

Acap said to me..since ur boyfriend is away, then y do u need to work out n keep in shape?..haha..
4 me..dats d exact reason of y i need to jga my badan..so dat d next time i.l c him, he.l c d better me.. =)
n plus i.l feel more satisfied with my health level ltr.. hee.

so wish me d best for dis trial month..n u guys.. rjin2 la trun gym oso.. bak kata org2 msia.u x rugi apa pn..


Zee Avi versi Bahasa Sarawak pnye!

wah2..this is definitely smtg new...

"siboh kitak nangis" means that "dont u cry"..

Nway. my smnnjung friends can try to hear this song.c if u can understand wat she is trying to say.. heee......

PS; Shes a Sarawakian, shes a success n this is her first song in d Sarawakian dialect in her new 2011 album "Songbird"...


Once a Queen & Will Always Be

There is something that I want to share with u my friend..
 Back at those times..I am just a girl

But Both Life and Love Taught me..

Confidence and made me a Queen

I'm no longer a girl, I'm a woman..

Once a girl becomes a Queen

She will Remain as one

In Her Own Way..

This pic is a property of Da Niel, though never been published in Blogger.
Each Woman IS a Queen

A Queen in Her Man's Heart

and Later

A Queen in Her Children's Heart..