Deepavali Night

Last nighto, The Tamil Division of UMK held a HAPPENING Deepavali Night event. 

yumy2 curry!dalca! laduuu
They decor the hall just nice. They are dedicated oo
Actually, there was a fire eating video of the magicians from kl but it can't be uploaded. huuu..
Anyway...it was a nice experience after all.


Triple Times Lucky

Yesterday night was our Faculty's graduation night. All the girls were beautiful n the guys were dashing during the event.

Me & Gf, Ms Faley sat at Table 13 and boy...we were indeed lucky.because...

Both of us win the individual lucky draw, AND even the table oso win the lucky draw, my friends voted me as d fac most excellent student. BIG thanks to them =)..

I didn't expect winning n by the times they announce the nominees for those awards i was busy eating the splendid sweet sour fish..haha.

here is one video when d event finished. wish we had took more video

ps.I just wish that someone who is very special to me was here..


A litle gift from Hong Kong Disneyland

It's just a keychain of Daisy but this small little act of care from my friend who just got back from Hong Kong is able to make me happy.
It takes a simple act to show you care and made someone happy


Dont Take People For Granted..

We just wish that people stay the same,
but the reality is cruel, it made people change all the time.
We want to keep the love alive,
And so do I.

It hurts and breaks my heart, 

When I don't hear from him during the day unlike before..
When I text in daytime I barely got a reply,
When I waited for one whole day from the morning till the evening, 
 just to hear from him,
When I miss the times when he actually care of whats happening in my life,
When I'm all alone and sad that I have no one to turn to,
When I cried and have the emotional breakdown, its not comfort that I received.

People, if you got someone that u really care about then show them
before its too late.

Once you loved someone don't take that person for granted.
U don't want to hurt those people that actually care and love u...



Have u guys ever played Left 4 Dead?? Enjoy killing those Special Infected??

This game is one of the games that I enjoyed playing co-op with my bros n enjoyed playing alone if Im going to the cyber cafe. Lets just say shooting those thing feels nice.. woo..i miss playing d xbox

Lets just hope for this upcoming fan movie they.l do it just right. nway most ppl love zombie movies.uhuk2..


bgn pagi.gosok gg...


post kaz kali ni mmg merepek.. nk berceloteh sal bgn pgi. ngn hrpn yg tiap2 hari bley la kaz bgn pgi...n trus wat yoga ke.joging ke..haha.. bru hidup yg sihat.. x gitu..

bgn pgi2 korang wat pe slalu nye..??n kol bpe korg biase bgn pg.. ?? korg je de jwpn kpd soalan2 nih.

kalu dh keje tu mmg sah2 lg jdi early riser kan..sbb nk g kje..crik duit bgi anak bini mkn.klu dh de ank bini la.. klu xde lg pn..carik duit utk msa dpn =)

tp kte student ni mmg ikut nfsu a nk bgn kol bpe pn..sbb dh mmg norma dia hdup student ni bley thn la mls dia.sbb responsibility xsebyk cm dh kje kot. wahaha.  klu elok bgn time subuh tu.smyg japs, dulu pastu smbung a tdo lik.. elok2 lg klu kelas kol 10 kol 12..heaven!! xkisah a bgn kol bpe pown..haha..

k lah.sbnrnya kaz cuba nk tanam azam.. nk bgn awal2..xnk tdo lwt2 kol 2.3 pg..n bile bgn tuh...bgn la trus..xnk landing balik kt katil. g jln2 amek angin yg segar ke..nk contohi mr daniel tsyg,, mmg seorg early riser smenjak dh keje..wa respek sama lu! hehe..