quotes that make me relate

i am devastated, i am depressed and i lost all my sense of purpose.

however, upon reading i discovered few quotes that inspires me to reflect back all the thing that happened carries its own meaning in life.
those sayings are:

-there will be boys and boys, and boys will be boys. if a boy really cares for you, you dont have to prove your love by giving in to him
ME: i keep thinking of why do i always met with the wrong guys, is it punishment

-putting one's feelings in the wrong places can only give u sorrow
 ME: i have experienced much sorrow n now i cant even shed tears

-when u make God the center of life, everything else will falls back into place.thats the promise
ME: I realize that what i really misses is Him

-when all the doors are closed, somewhere God opens a window.never give up
ME: i put my faith believing that, i deserve to b happy and not demean

-where there is life, there is hope.
ME: though i felt suicidal n i want to end every breath i said to myself, i should be stronger bit and just live until i found my happiness

The reason that i started this thing is that, i need support and i want to see hope