Their tagline is..everybody is ugly. catchy yes. boring no. its unlike d usual tagline that will say everyone is pretty.

By saying that..they are actually motivating the customers by saying that there is no specific guidelines of beauty.that those models are not that perfect beauty at all.hee.

Here, they show normal people parading with their fashion stuff. Proving that real people can be models too. Now the height issues is not a problem nmore. (^.^) since us malaysians girls are gifted with this not so tall height, the site will give us to mix and match our wardrobe, and to dress up more chic + eleganto.

I visited this site upon my friend suggestion and once i entered d site im not disappointed at all. So.why dont u girls take a peek later, improvised the dressing style to more decent and tell me how u feel of d site..=)

mysterious black
sweet,demure,pretty! =)
 formal event? it.l b like.wow!

casual yet just nice
easy to wear style

enough of the sneak peek preview..do..Visit Chictopia