Earth Hour

lets talk bout dis coming earth hour dt will b held 2mro nite starting from 830 pm till 930 pm all around d globe. earth hour actually started in 2007 at sydney and wat we should do is to off all d usage of eletrical appliances 4 just dt 60 mins. no lights.no nothing.just sheer darkness of us enjoying a land without electric invasion.

d ad.a symbolic

here at umk d campaign has been launched since a few weeks ago n i even sign dt petition done by some students who r supporting d launch of d earth hour few more hours more. d plan here is to gather at d futsal court by dt time n we will get 2 see d umk student support too.

kl during earth hour

this action actually as an gesture for the Japanese of the terrible loss that the country had just faced recently.it is also a symbolic to save this earth. but actualy we have to understand d real concept here, though we may support this thing for 1 hour, for d other time just keep in mind to not waste electricity too la yah..adieu.

even google has its earth hour too


  1. google pun ada gak eh.. aku x bukak google pun mlm tu. rugi2