morning or night person

are u a morning person which we call larks(dey are at their best in d mornings), or a night person.owl (dt sleeps more than 2 a.m n r at their best in evening). however, there is another species of human which is d hummingbird that can easily adapt to d situation; be they sleep late at 3 but can still wake up at 8 to do the test perfectly).

dis is how a lark looks like.

owls like us.

pretty hummingbird

we usualy can identify we r in wat categories, larks usualy:
  1. have breakfast as their biggest meals.
  2. wake up as early in the weekdays on d weekends.
  3. feel d most tired at nite,d most energetic at noon.
for an owl.d traits is d opposite of dos mentioned above..
us students are mostly owls.we sleep as late as we want and struggle for d morning classes including myself. im stil writing dis entry at 2 am.huhu.be it now we may not have any prob but once we start working it.l be a hell of a prob.

so how to transform ourself from becoming owls into larks. after doing some research, i found out dt dis steps does works:
  1. reset d body clock; enough sleep b4 of 8 hours, try to sleep early by avoiding scary movies n stressful activities like doing d assignments.
  2. once u wake up.take as much as morning light u can.open d windows.walk around so dt ur brain can register dt ur mind shud alert and wake up now.
  3. wen u start to work in d morning, do easy tasks first and leave d tougher asignments 4 noon time.
  4. catnap of not more than 20 min at noon.usualy ppl wil feel d urge of sleepines aftr lunch. sleep more and 4 sure u will feel more drowsier, grumpier and more tired.
try them.usualy it wil take 2 to 3 days to adjust our sleeping time to chnge them from going to bed at 3 to going to bed at 11.

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