The gym training starts Now.

Well.it can be said that this semester I have a lot of free times..few clases..no dating life..huhu..xsyok.

so i decided to kill those alone free times by going to the gym 3 times a week..
I have started for a week ady by not missing a single day to not go to the gym n lets see whether by the end of this month i can be real fit..haha..

dak2 yg g gym berkumpulan rmai2 most of them end up lepaking,, haha.. machine pn ckit..so once gym dh full kena queue la plak..pe kes.. part ni  yg wat smgt menurun ckit.

Acap said to me..since ur boyfriend is away, then y do u need to work out n keep in shape?..haha..
4 me..dats d exact reason of y i need to jga my badan..so dat d next time i.l c him, he.l c d better me.. =)
n plus i.l feel more satisfied with my health level ltr.. hee.

so wish me d best for dis trial month..n u guys.. rjin2 la trun gym oso.. bak kata org2 msia.u x rugi apa pn..

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