disturbing vandalism....

Most of the times when we are looking at the vandalism most of us will think that its not a big deal after all. True right?

It becomes a big deal when it is just disturbing to our naked eyes.

Take one situation for example, u went to the public toilet and u will most likely to found something like this inscribed on the back of the toilet door.

The uploading image does not intend to publicly disturbs any1 and it serves only for the purpose of meaningful sharing

I found one in the girls toilet at the hostel and I think it is majorly disturbing> Its disturbing that although u do not prefer to watch u'l end up reading.

The thing that has been puzzling me, who is most likely to do this? Who r to b blame? Maybe the girls themselves or myb some of the workers guys during d construction? We just would'nt know as there are no visibly conceived evidence.

I mean we all get it that sexuality is more likely necessity when one person reaches maturity, girl or guys with no exception; Its human nature (with the idea to keep the subject of sexuality to lay low or better hidden, since to discuss/display it openly is disgraceful to our community and not to forget to most religions).

But to being so overwhelmed control with the idea of sex it is just not healthy, frankly speaking.

Ergo the disatisfaction of not having the ability to control the urge, the door or the walls become the victims, in other words it is "Stupid".

Anyway how..this is just a reminder to all of us, of how the world is just filled with ppl with ill behaviors and it is best for us not to fall in those category as well.

Lets not succumb or support in anyway to those irrelevant, meaningless scribble.

Let me show u something else, the gov may called it vandalism as well but for us citizen its Grafiti. haha.  and its doesnt look disturbing at all. =) CIAO.

Taken at Malacca & they painted it just awesome!

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