The 13 1/2 hour journey by KTM

We are willing to travel anywhere for the sake of seeing our loved one no matter how long does it takes
& This is exactly n the usual reason that made me travel.

Maybe most of u have used the KTM service going anywhere around Smnnjg Msia but for me its my first time traveling by KTM, so at first Im quite excited n thrilled.

The view is much more "green" and refreshing to our eyes as the KTM route is more rural one. But in the end u.l get bored at the same scenery also.haha.

very early morning view.

The journey 13 1/2 hour solo trip to Kulai starts at 7 am and directly after Subuh, amidst the heavy rains my roommate drove me to Wakaf Baru, Kelantan and at last I reached Kulai Johor around 8.30 pm.

So far, during those longg hours, I just nap2 bit, munch2 bit, n mostly just stare blankly outside.hehe. I tried to read, but in that condition u just cant stop thinking of wanting to reach the destination as fast as possible.

very basic info about ktm morning train:
Morning train does not have sleep couches, no canteen and the trip will feel so muchh longer..The journey seems to have no end and I cant just wait to reach thre.

Another thing is that the morning train is not so hygienic cause ppl keep chewing and d food drop to the floor attracting all the roaches. By evening u can small soldier of roaches crawling everywhere on the seat, floor, wall..huhu.. I barely felt like wanting to sit at all at that time.

try to see the roaches at the food.

Basically the people that are used to travel by trains know this so they always try to travel at night. I have learnt my lesson also to opt for night train and to try get the sleeping couch not the sitting couch.

My experience sitting on d night train is not that nice since I barely can sleep. The guy beside me is quite big and when he sat, his size exceed the size on one seat. It made me uncomfortable since I have to Really squeeze in so that our body wont touches. huhu.

To conclude, if u,r traveling around Malaysia and prefer a cheaper option compare to the buses.. take night trains. n only morning train if the journey is not so long and if u have no other option.


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