The Uprising Questions of Happiness..

We often asks ourselves.. what will make us happy. Will we b able to feel the happiness.. will the happiness lasts..

In this pursuit of happiness, basically its about fulfilling our wants? (This idea comes from this marketing guy, Mr Maslow.haha)

Fulfilling our wants means??
>I have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
>I finishes my studies ; at school, college, university?
>I have a good, satisfying job?
>I am going to marry..! yay
>I am going to have cute bb's?
>I am rich enough to have my own car, house, buy my own stuff?
>I have true friends.

U SEE.. Our WANTS never ceased to end......... OF course the things above will made people happy..

To decode these questions, come out this FORMULA Of Randomness after I give a really hard thinking of what exactly will make a person happy.

The Formula of Happiness Times 4

Happiness^4 = Happy 1 (A Healthy Body with No Sickness) * Happy 2 ( A Healthy Mind with No Worries) * Happy 3 (A Healthy Heart Full of Love) * Happy 4 (A Healthy Soul with Faith).

PS-as por me i only achieved Happy 1, I stil have a longg way to go..GOOd Luck In feeling Happy.. I salute all those happy peoples out there. KUDOS..KUDOS..N share some of those happiness essence with me.hee-

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