KFC Secret Indulgent Sundae VS McD Chocolate Sundae

This Sundae version of KFC looks tempting and my first thought is that it's a new menu since its nowhere to b seen before.

Just for RM2.80 U will get a cup of this "indulgence" but will it be better or will it be worse than the McDonald version of Sundae.? 
They name it nice enough, alike the Secret Recipe menu, the ad looks pretty DeLicious SO this evening, upon stopping at KFC with some friends, I decided to go for a try. 

This is actually a Baskin Robin York Sundae but it looks EXACTLY similar with KFC Secret Indulgent. I could not find any picture example on the web yet and since just now I din bring my camera to snap 2,3 pictures of the sundae this is the best that I can offer.
Basically almost everyone knew how McD Chocolate Sundae look like and taste like.. =)
> KFC's sundae is quite an unsuccessful attempt to imitate McD's.

> And Y Exactly? The vanilla icecream is Stoned-Hard.The Choc is Quite Hard also making its Hard for the plastic spoon to 'penetrate' (sory I cant think of a more suitable word.hee) into the ice-cream.

>They tried to add that Ooomph factor by adding those oreos cookies but then again, it wont differentiate the sundae with the Kfc Krushies.

>Overall it taste like that cheap RM1 sundae icecream that we students can buy at the Hypermarket.huhu..

>McD's on the other hand  have just nice soft vanilla icecream and the Choc topping is just chocolatey rich.

I will just give it a 3 over 5 rating since its still edible and can be eaten though it might take a while for u to finish it.HEHE, mm..I can say that the marketing ppl had done a great job doing those ad..

PS; Nway u guys can try it at any of your near KFC outlets and see for yourself if what Im saying is true. I would rather suggest u to try the EGG TART though coz they taste purely alike Delicious Homemade EGG TARTS..Hee.. =D

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