Meeting Someone is Destiny

I believed that when we meet someone important in our life, it is destiny and somehow thoughts like; if i don wen to uni msia klntn i wouldnt met my boyfie reminds me that there is meaning in every little thing of life.

If i din meet him things wouldnt change much 4 the both of us. Im glad and thankful for this feeling of love. I might meet with someone more awful., i just wouldnt know.

However what I will be talking about here is not about meeting someone.hehe. It is about before I will b able to publish new posts due to the broken laptop screen (tq boyfie 4 lending me urs 4 a while) Im just going to write the updates of whats happening in my life.

1st the UMKians have all finished their final exams so everyone seems to be berpusu2 balik at rumah except for certain ppl that still lingers around here, which includes me. Some of them got program, GREAT for the grads, some got training but as for me, im stuck here until I determined my destination of life 4 d next few months.

Rumah x lari jadi masa yg terbaik untuk balik rumah is hari raya. For me, being 2 weeks back at home should be enough rather than 4 months. Getting around smnnjg wil b easier for me so im determined to find a job here. Then, im still searching for jobs, sending my resume to various hotel, calling them just to face with disappointment but its not much. dh lali i think. Even to get a temporary position is hard so it scares me when I want to find one after graduating.

Other than that the life here remains the same its just that we dont have classes anymore except that for this month and the past month, i.ve been to various places; Lost World of Tambun Ipoh, Penang.. how many times d i should thank my boyfie 4 making those to happen... and finally to Kuala Terengganu with my gurlfrens...

So wat do I think will happen next, now I cn see the path and destination for the next months, since Im staying illegally at the hostel dh.hehe. n kak ma might saw me again after she halau me from the rum,  I figured that I would just move out next week.

Alas, I also wish that the holiday will be awesome for u guys too. Happy Holiday. N for those who are seeking jobs too... Happy Jobing (serious english error).......happy...happylah~~~

-apa2 pun sentiasa ingat orang yg tersayang-

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