Like a flower petal withering away
The encounter with you was like a dream
Being in love, getting into fights
We conquered over many walls together
Even after I'm reborn, I shall be a flower
Close to you
Even if I'm reborn, I want to meet you again

If everything is going to fade one day
We should appreciate each other more
That time, that place, when that miracle occured
It will bring about another miracle

Becoming stronger by loving one
Overcoming things by believing in one
The things you left are still in my heart
See, without ever losing its shine
I feel blessed
For meeting you
For bringing back my smile
I continue to walk holding close to this emotion of
"Thank you"

Like a flower petal withering away
Let us accept everything in this world
The things you left me
The treasure of reality I call "Now"
That's why I shall live to my fullest and become a flower
Why do flowers wilt
Why do birds fly
Why does the wind blow
Why does the moon shine above
Why am I here
Why are you here
Why did I meet you
Meeting you, that was destiny
A rainbow casts
A light shall be born upon a storm
There's an unyielding important thing here
I've realized what it means "to love"
You can still walk can't you?
You can see it already
"Emotions" will cross time
And shall ring into eternity
Your happiness Your pain Your everything
Now, Bloom with pride More, more, and more....

My love for you is for eternity.

-see the beauty in the words-

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