The List that Defines Cheating

How do you define cheating?
  • Kissing another person or more
  • Holding hands
  • Dancing too close
  • Frequent chatting online
  • Flirting
  • Spending time with another person, outside of work
  • Buying gifts
  • Exchanging private e-mails
  • Writing letters/email/msgs of flirt
  • Phone or cyber sextalk
  • Exchanging photos
  • Developing a crush
  • Sharing feelings
  • Discussing their relationship
  • Denying a relationship you are involved in
Actually there is no exact definition of cheating. It is just that when u in one relationship if u doing anything with the opposite sex other than ur gf/bf that made u feel guilty or neglected them then u will know yourself that ur in the verge of cheating.

After that the norm is that the denial starts..however your partner will be able to differentiate whether the flings threatens them or not. The denial is flirting is not harmless but in fact it does harm people. So if u r really friends with the opposite sex treat your friend the way they suppose to be and not somewhere near intimate,

So many things can lead to cheating thus ruining the current relationship. Before doing anything similar and in accordance to the ones above think about the person that u might hurt real bad...It is just that if u truly love them u wont hurt them..

I have my bad part too and i.ve learnt and would not go somewhere near that would hurt him and both of us anymore.
-karma revolves-

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