Dont Take People For Granted..

We just wish that people stay the same,
but the reality is cruel, it made people change all the time.
We want to keep the love alive,
And so do I.

It hurts and breaks my heart, 

When I don't hear from him during the day unlike before..
When I text in daytime I barely got a reply,
When I waited for one whole day from the morning till the evening, 
 just to hear from him,
When I miss the times when he actually care of whats happening in my life,
When I'm all alone and sad that I have no one to turn to,
When I cried and have the emotional breakdown, its not comfort that I received.

People, if you got someone that u really care about then show them
before its too late.

Once you loved someone don't take that person for granted.
U don't want to hurt those people that actually care and love u...

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